Here I Am To Worship

Light of the World
You stepped down into darkness
Opened my eyes
Let me see
Beauty that made this heart adore You
Hope of life spent with You

Here I am to worship
Here I am to bow down
Here I am to say that You're my God
You're altogether lovely
Altogether worthy
Altogether wonderful to me

King of all days
Oh so highly exalted
Glorious in heaven above
Humbly You came to the earth You created
All for love's sake became poor

I'll never know how much it cost
To see my sin upon that cross
Wednesday, January 14, 2009
10:01 PM
It has been some time since I gather with my cousins, today have dinner with them after my uncle funeral, having mixed feelings now cos my uncle juz pass away, but I believe is a release for him as for the past forty years, he has been staying at home because of his inability to walk, I really feel pity and have much compassion for him, there is a lot of things that he didn't even try and he was gone just like that, why life is so unfair for this ppl, but I believe God has a purpose for him cos our God is a fair God, he will judge accordingly. It has been a long time since I gather with my cousins from my father side one, today meet almost all of them as some of them cannot make it due to work and sickness. I think God is doing something for me, is time to spread the word to them. Is a good catch with them, seeing them reminds of us ten years ago, always have gathering during CNY, this CNY will be different as i will be meething them, yahoo, can't wait for it lol, gtg liao, need to go back to camp.

Thursday, November 27, 2008
1:26 AM
Block leave ending soon, 2 more days and back to camp and work lol. Sian, life still have to go on lol. HOpefully my christmas service will not be burnt, now low on budget, still need to buy camera, printer and dvd drive lol. Need to be wise on my spending, anyway was thinking a lot on my life until I cannot slp lol, was thinking how God has used me for the past 6 years, the different ppl that I meet, the clicks that I have, everyone of them, I really want them to come to know christ. I believe this is God's plan as every stages of my life, the different kinds of ppl I will meet, I am still expecting more as I am only 21 years old, I believe the ppl that I will come to meet will be more, and some of them are the ppl that I will meet once only, come and go lol. But really thank God for making my life so happening lol, if not for him, I won't be who i am today, really thank God for everything, felling lethargic already so slp soon. See ya

Wednesday, November 12, 2008
5:40 PM
It feels good to be back after 2 weeks, never go before for such a long time lol. Good experience and exposure in taiwan, the training was tough but good, get to try out new things lol. The r and r for 2 days was little, got a lot of things havent tried but I really enjoy it. The first day go to theme park at liu fu chun, the rides is really exciting, I sit until my heart wanna drop out, definitely not for the faint hearted. The sad thing is it was raining throughout the 2 days lol, damn sian man, but ok lah cos I enjoy the cool weather lol. Went to restaurant for meals, the food was not bad, reminds me of home cooked food lol, the first night went to shilin night market for shopping, is really what they called shopping spree lol haha, bought one shirt and one cap at there. The next day which is our last day also went to the tallest building in taipei and to xing men ding, xing mend ding is a place like orchard lol, the place is damn big lol, I bought 2 pair of shoes, 4 shirts and a cap at there. Total spend over five hundred bucks lol but is worth it, the chi pai and the bubble tea there is superb man, miss their weather and food lol. will go there again after I ord, gotta go back to camp liao. Sign off.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008
11:12 PM
A lot of things go through my mind, was thinking of the ppl in 3rd world country, how pitiful are them, and in singapore, we are considered luxuries even though we are not rich, we at least dun have to worry about our three meals and having a shelter over our head. We always take things for granted, dun say others, i also things like SFI food really sux at times and I dun deny I have a complaining spirit and even don't want to eat at times but the thing is human are carnial by nature and I do fall into this kind of things at times and when I think about the ppl dun even have the food to eat, I will just eat it and bear with it. Don't say about other countries, let's talk about singapore, i have been seeing strangers sleeping at playground, at bus stop and even at void deck , i was thinking why they don't wanna go home to sleep and then it dawns on me that maybe some of them don't even have a house, I really thank God although I don't born with a silver or golden spoon, I am still able to make ends meet, thank God for all cicumstances and i believe I will be successful in God one day, shining for him, be salt and light in everywhere I go fulfilling his purpose in me, live everyday fully for God in whatever u do, yeah. ;0

Sunday, September 14, 2008
7:39 PM
Yesterday service was great, was talking about evangelism, it dawns on me the day I brought my first frenz to know christ, i was so happy but as time passes I tend to forget the feelings, the need to evangelise become a routine to me. No, I dun want that, I want back the passion and the feelings. The importance of sharing God's message is very impt, and only that Jesus will come back sooner. Went to drink with some of the church frenz yesterday, hoe garden beer is nice lol haha, get the policy from my agent yesterday, almost cannot recongnise her as her hair style is really different. Saw my sec sch buddy yesterday, he just ord working in shopping center lol, I think God is telling me something time to reach out to him. I really pray to god that evangelism should be my lifestyle, passion for ppl must increase, I really dun want to regret when I see them in heaven and they go to hell, God I dun want to see this happening, I pray for u to guide me. Amen

Wednesday, September 10, 2008
7:22 PM
Today is my block leave, have a dream while I am taking a afternoon nap, dream of the last time that I have encounter with, my grandad, my ex shepherd, my sec sch frenz etc. I think God was telling me something, tresure the ppl around you and share christ to ppl who are really important to u. Last sat was helping a new bie edision to holy spirit baptised, Jeremiah, moses and me. It was indeed powerful, the new bie baptised while we pray for him and the rain stop after that. Can see a lot of desire in this new bie, reminds me of my new bie lives. 6 years of walk with God has really been that fast, things that God has been with me I will never forget, I believe my walk with God will be more and more exciting. Praise the lord.

Sunday, July 06, 2008
1:35 PM
Just wake after my nap, achieve my purpose yesterday, went fellowship with moses, get closer to him yeah. Yesterday went to NDP preview, nice atmosphere cos first time going there after it shifted from kallang. The black knights aerial display was cool and of course the highlights was the fire works lol. I was being interviewed by mediacorp, so stunned was almost speechless but just anything lol. Went for movie hancock, nice movie and then went to mind's cafe to play board games with some of the TSNS brothers and reach home at 5 plus, great day for me, gtg liao, going to celebrate auntie hwa birthday, see ya around.

Sunday, June 29, 2008
8:42 PM
Thank God that I am able to book out, God is indeed amazing, his planning for me able to go to Jump concert and leadership conference. If u go according to his way, God will bless. Yesterday went to watch wanted, was a powerful movie, like matrix lol, although some of the moves are over exaggerating lol. But the movie is not bad although ending is lame lol. Today feel sian, dun know why, praying for God to reveal my future to me and I believe everything is according to his timing, my assurance is in ur hands jesus. GTG liao, going back to camp lol.

Monday, June 23, 2008
11:56 PM
Today got to book out lol, thank God cos tml is my battalion annivesary. Quite rush, went to west mall to get purple shirt lol then happen to meet Jane lol, so concidence, keep seeing my frenz, saw kah swee at camp, then last week I saw diaries and alvin, God is telling me one things, those lost souls out there waiting to be saved. God I pray for wisdom when I see my frenz the next time, remember to get their nos and talk to them more. GTG liao, slp soon, if not cannot get up tml. Logging off in process.

Saturday, June 21, 2008
2:35 PM
Was a wonderful week, feel like slacking for these 2 weeks due to my ankle sprain, but is ok, have a fun time shepherding with jeremy, really thank God for a shepherd like him. Will support you all the way and let's hit 12 for God by end of this year, yeah man. These 2 weeks has really rest a lot, thank God for today as I finally can do some physical training after resting for 2 weeks, thank God for the speedy recovery. Although in camp, a lot of ppl say I chao keng but I dun really need to care about their comments, is God that I care only. My assurance and faith in God has grown since I enlisted in army, going to second year soon, God has really mould and correct me and I have gain invaluable experience and dependency on God has increased. Without God, I can't live cos God never fail to provide and bless me when I needed him the most, Praise to be the lord on high, going out soon, see ya.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008
7:23 PM
Was so amazed at how God works, God never fail to amaze me, meet my tang mei on friday, talk to her, share my life testimony of how God has bless me. Have a good time catching up with her in a kopitiam haha, we went to food court, pastamania and then eventually kopitiam lol, it was shabby but we really enjoy ourself cos God is with us lol. On sat, went to service, whoa long time never go service liao, went to the Ops RL meeting, the meeting was about affirmation to the best of the best, you guys deserve it. Had a good time catching up with the brothers in TNS, u guys rawks my world. The service was great, can sense God, was moved to tears by the worship songs, can really sense God touching me when singing u laid aside your majesty and the other worship song that I forget liao. Went to ben and jerry for ice cream, whoa the ice cream is really nice, the one with cheese and the turtle soup tub ice cream, thank God fir eilton and jeremiah for treating us, have a fun time also playing 007, is a lame but enjoyable game, jessica also join us, although she went to service with us today and didn't convert but I believe we have planted a seed into her heart and will convert one day one, she also enjoy our fellowship, yeah praise the lord. Today is father's day, didn't buy anything for Dad, feel so unfilial, whoa, hope to get him something by next week. Went to IMM with mum and younger bro today, haha long time never have family outing liao lol, enjoy today's outing, meet up with stephen also as he looks quite stress out with his studies, will keep you in prayer stephen, saw eugene also haha so coincidence, went to buy ankle guard and thighs to prepare for 32 click, although unlikely to march because of my wounded ankle. Time to go back to camp liao, see ya!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008
2:21 AM
Sprain my leg a few days ago due to route march, but thank God I dun have any abrasion and blister. Resting at home nothing to do so decided to blog, was chatting with this sister in Christ a while ago. Talks about a lot of things, she was studying counseling course and she learns about creator sort of things that is somehow related to christains, is sounds fun and exciting. She also change her perspectives and i know that she really learn a lot, it leveled up my interest to want to know more about counseling as it can not only help people but get to know more about myself also. Maybe will go to study psychology after I ORD lol. The way she talk is really different, not the same girl I knew liao, haha. And her lectures were strong christains, her lecturer quote a verse saying that, the good things that we do, not many ppl can remember but the bad things or mistakes that we do, ppl won't forget. I totally agree with this sentence as we humans will be condemn once we make a error, ppl will not be so trusting to us anymore as the trust is broken although they didn't sound out but in their hearts we know. And also the good things will be remember for a while, after that will be forgotten. Humans are complicated creatures and that's why I want to know more about humans as every individual of us is created uniquely. Her lecturer also mention about if we know our self-identity(our real self), we will not have any problems with ourself and will not seek others for help, is really true as if u really know what u really want in your life, your life will be within your control and means. We also chat about being a spiritual leader is not easy, being a world leader is more easier as the concepts is totally different. And that's the reason why I truly honor and respect the leaders in our church, is not easy becoming one as the pathways they have chosen is not smooth at all but that's the challenging part about it. It makes me self reflect a lot on myself, I am not doing the best I can be, I really pray to God to show insights to me and his rayma words to be spoken to me.

Friday, May 16, 2008
2:06 AM
Seeing the news on china earthquake these past few days has been heart wrenching for me, close to 50k ppl has already perished in this disaster, this is one of the worst disaster that I has ever come across. Will keep the ppl in china in prayer, a lot of ppl will become homeless, some of them losing their loved ones and some of them are the only survivors left. Continue to live on that' s all I can say. There is this news that say that a girl has to cut off both of her legs in order to stay alive and two girls were kneeling down crying why their parents were not saved just after they were rescued, reading this kind of news is really sad, why must this thing happen, it goes back to the bible, I really pray to all these ppl who has perished in the disaster to be christains. Sometimes is the ppl who still alive find it hard to pass by their lives. It tells me one thing, human lives is very fragile, u never know when u will die. The urgency to spread the word is there, a lot of ppl might not even heard of the gospel before they die, God I pray in my heart that I will always remember Mat 28:18-20 and then u will come down when everything is fulfill. Amen and glory to u lord jesus. Sign Off
Agape Tobias

12:16 AM
Time to update my blog again after sometime lol. Went to arnold chicken with my frenz addy,happy and ervin. Nice chicken, didnt take photos cos never bring my camera. THe chicken is nice and tender, difinitely better then KFC lol, the price is also affordable. Started to be a food specialist lol cos is really fun to eat all kinds of food in singapore, looking for food khakis lol yeah. Anyway arnold chicken is at civic plaza, near payar lebar mrt station, is walkable distance and is very easy to find, I think can find even dun have sense of direction lol. After that we went to marina square shopping center to catch a movie call what happens in Vegas. Is a romance comedy movie, haven't watch this kind of movie for a while, it sure bring back memories. What I learn from the movie is that, people started to regret when they lost the the person they used to have, they dun cherish it when they have it. Hmm, dun take things for granted, everything happens for a reason, treasure the things and ppl around u yeah. ")
Sign Off
Agape Tobias

Monday, April 14, 2008
7:44 PM
Time to update my blog, was so amazed how God works, I saw xin qi last weekend, then yesterday I see my frenz gerald and kok heng. God keeps letting me see my friends whom I know, I think God is asking me to spread God's love to them, why am I waiting for lol. God never fail to amaze me, he let me see my best frenz, the friends that I hang out with during pri school. And further more, he was in the same church as me, I am so amazed at how God works, praise God for that. Is possible to see your loved ones and the ppl around u serving God as u, God has shown me a lot. Sat sermon was learning about respecting the elder, empathy and encourage the young and treat the opposite gender with absolute purity. We need to honor one another, really thank God that he bless me with a family at home and spiritually, they always there to support me and encourage me, priase the lord, going back to camp, supposedly to be sian but I will rejoice in every cicumstances, live by faith.


Monday, March 10, 2008
8:55 PM
Whoa was going through people's blog one by one, really miss the days that I used to spend with my friends. U dun have to be the best just be ur best, this is something i quote from david hoe, one of the powerful leaders from youth group. As long as we try our best, we dun have regrets. Something that Jeremiah speaks hits me very hard, he said that we men by choice, there is no need for us to go through process, it dawns on me the sentence male by birth, men by choice. Really glad I was under Jeremiah's group, he was really a guy after God's heart, way to go man, warrior of christ. Time for me to go back to camp liao, is so sian but is ok, take joy cos God has overcome the world.

1:40 AM
Yesterday went to service, the sermon was about how not to lose heart in God's ministry, a lot o f tines when there are troubles arises we will lose hope and be discouraged, we always tend to bear everything on ourself but we can always depend on God, God is always there for us no matter what happens, but we always resort seeking him as the last method. Learn to depend on him and everything will be well taken care of. Today went to Andrea house for gathering, saw jency and joyce, time really flies still remember the day I was under Andrea's care. Her house was quite cool in a sense, everything is design by her as is really creative, one thing that catch my eyes was the lamps that she has on her hse, it was really unique as i don't really see it elsewhere one, there is this big bulb with a lot of wires inside and small lightings, is really nice. After that went to IT show with my brothers and his gf, we went to fish and co to dine, eat until I was really full, don't know why, cos i don't really eat a lot lol. After that went home, it was indeed a fruitful day for me as I am able to fellowship with my church frenz and families members.

Was having this dream few days ago in my camp, dream of a girl who agree and share the same vision with me, is she my future wife, haha was really wondering, was able to know her name when my friend call me to wake up, ai yah so wasted man but never mind is okay.

Saturday, March 08, 2008
12:12 AM
These few days was on real ops as what i cannot say cos is highly strictly and confidential. Was thinking a lot of things and this particular verse came into my mind Psalm 23, a chapter written by david. For God is with me in whatever circumstances I am in, do not fear as his rod and staff comfort me. I am really encourage by this verse, my assurance and comfort is in God. Thank God for him and that is the reason why we should remember bible verses as there will be times that we need the verse when we are in need.

12:05 AM
A psalm of David.
1 The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.

2 He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,

3 he restores my soul.
He guides me in paths of righteousness
for his name's sake.

4 Even though I walk
through the valley of the shadow of death, [a]
I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
they comfort me.

5 You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows.

6 Surely goodness and love will follow me
all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the LORD

Wednesday, February 20, 2008
3:35 AM
Hi everyone time to blog again lol,
today went to watch Jumper with we we, it was a nice show man. It tells about this guy who has the ability to transport himself to anywhere he wants, teleportation lol. Is an action flick, nice man, highly recommended to watch. This month watch too much movies liao lol but never mind is ok. Something that I learn from God today, I miss my last bus, I was so confidence that God won't let me miss the last bus no matter what but miss the last bus at the last minute. I can react by cursing and swearing or I can thank God for it. I chose to thank God for it cos in one of the bible verse, rejoice in every circumstances that the God has made. I know everything happens for a reason, God's lesson teaches me never take time for granted, always plan things in advance, I think God wanted to train me in the area of time management cos i sux at this area. Gtg liao, God bless.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008
3:03 PM
Finally blogging after sometime, today is my off day after deployment. Deployment can be very tiring and boring lol. Yesterday went to watch LA GRAND CHEF movie with my ns frenz. The movie is cool, it comes from a korean manga, is about cooking, there was this part that really touches my heart and that is the part when the main character has to kill his precious cow for his compeition. The bonding between the animals and humans. I like his saying, I won't not let your sacrifices be in vain. Is really an interesting movie, should go and watch. After that we go play pool at park lane, my pool skills really worsen a lot, just anyhow play lol, buy a lot of things, spend about 200 bucks on CDs and hp. Just bought a samsung hp, the design is sleek and light and it cost only 99 bucks, worth the price man, thats all i have to say, going back to camp liao

Tuesday, January 01, 2008
5:54 PM
Happy New Year to everyone. Finally venture into the new year, yesterday went countdown at aloha changi chalet. We play games play until four thirty am in the morning lol, it was so tired yet it was fun and exciting. I think the next time play again amazing race, i will know all the places in changi liao cos it was not the first time I playing at there, at least five times liao lol. Didn't get to eat the bbq food cos lazy to cook. Was supposed to eat prata at the coffee shop but in the end didn't go cos after the amazing race game, was already dead tired then fall asleep . The game ends around 4.30am and from there I sleep until 8am. Didn't manage to talk around with the tp and np ppl cos dun really know them well, never mind, it takes time. Went home with wei siang, one of my sheep mates in christ, get to know him better, a friendly and approachable guy to talk with. Really thank God for Christmas service cos i have one covert. It has been a long time since I brought people to conversion, the kind of feelings really is unexplainable, is like the day I convert. Days pass by very quickly, in a blinking of the eyes, I am five years in christ, God has totally change me into who I am, if not for God, I dun know what I will be doing now. I wanted to experience God more and more and ask God for ministry breakthru this year. These year has been seeing ex hope people, was thinking that God wants me to bring back them, reconnect them back to Christ. Another year has gone by, there are a lot of things that I say I wants to achieve but didn't achieve, letting drag on and on. God I made a covenant with you, this year the things that i want to do, make sure I do it, no more procrastination really no more. This is the promises I make to God. Got to go liao, booking in later, sian but is ok as I know the purpose God has for me. Something just go through my mind, was thinking of what OC say, dun take things for granted, give thanks to God in every circumstances cos God is always in control. Must really think of what I am going to do during these 2 years in army until i ord. God, please reveal your plan to me. Pray for me everyone. :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007
6:04 PM

Having a primary school gathering on 2nd december, whoa imagine we haven"t meet up for 8 years liao for some ppl. Time really flies, we meet up at essential brew at holland village for gathering and above are some photos that we take lol. Although only the six of us turn up but is ok cos we are expecting more the next meeting and simon, please do your job cos u are the next planner, haha. Anyway we catch up on the times we have in primary school, is a nostalgic feelings, we talk about our teachers, our friends and the stupid things we do in primary school. Looking foreward to the next meeting so see you guys around.

Saturday, December 15, 2007
4:44 PM
Blogging after some time, going to christmas soon whoa so fast, time really passes quickly especially when I am in army. Going to be half a year soldiers liao, still remember the first day I enlisted in. Yesterday was the day new bath of recurits kana enlisted to my camp, seeing them bring back mermories, feeling very nostalgic. Was supposed to update how God bless me during these 5 months in camp but not going to update today due to lack of time, rushing to service soon so stay tune for more next week.

Thursday, July 12, 2007
11:42 PM
Many things run through my mind, dun know what to say, was thinking of a lot of things. What has this world comes into? Was reading news and there has been people kill everyday, if they die naturally or natural disaster that took away their lives, i have nothing to say but they all not. It caused by humans, human lives is indeed fragile but is it that really worthless, people died because they commit suicide, because of terrorists attack and recently I came across this news on a girl in Canada kill her own parents and brother just because her parents dun let her see her BF. The girl was only 12 years old , she did it with her BF, all these come with planning. What has really happen to the world, I was so shocked when I read the news, lives being thrown away just like that, the world indeed has become corrupted because of Satan. Really thank God I know him and he is always there with me when I needed him the most. Jesus is coming back and I believe justice will be given and peace will be restored. Is really heart wrenching reading news like that, my compassion for people has really becoming more and more. God, i repented not doing the best I can be but God let me be the vessel that is going to be use by u greatly, spreading your love to everyone i know. A lot of times I set on doing that things but in the end i didn't do it because of time and also excuses. God I don't want to be a man of empty words, I want to mean what I say, doing the best, going an extra mile because everything is worth it as I see your kingdom come. Finally what I wants to say is treasure the time you have, the people around you cos don't live to regret when something is lost or your loved ones has passed away, not use crying over spill milk right. I realize one thing, people start to feel remorseful and upset when things happen, these few years in christ has really led me to cherish the people around me, the time I spend with them, although some of them haven't receive christ but I sincerely pray for them to cross this faith. Recently I meet up with this old neighbour of mine, I bring him to church before but he didn't convert at that time but God know that i has sow a seed onto him, God never give him up.
During my conservation with him, he told me that his parents are now christains, I was so amazed and his parents ask him to come my church cos my chruch has much more youth. His parents know me quite well because used to go to his house when I am small. God really show me the way, he teach me about perseverance and never giving up hope. Really never give up on people lives, never lose faith, peservere on and God will make a way. Going to army in a few hours time, expecting to grow and grow and God please help me, totally dependency on him. Really hope to inspire, impact and influence the people there. :)
Grow in love

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
1:49 AM

Yesterday night was having 10 years anniversary at arts house. It was a cool place to be in, the ambience and surrounding area is juz so nice. Was having buffet, the food was awesome and the drinks is a bit weird cos it taste like peach with lemon tea, don't know is it my taste bud got problem a not. Really have a fun time with the ppl at there, didn't expect to see mei hwa, dewen, mathew there. It was great to serve in the ministry of performing arts for God. I learn things that I never learn before in arts as it is not really easy to be an artiste for God. I can be who I am when I am acting and I can really deny myself to be engrossed into the roles. Being an actor for God can be challenging at times and I learn how to control my emotions at the appropriate time. Really thank God for giving me such an opportunity. After the dinner, stephen, sharon and me go home by car as the driver was denise. Thank God for him as he teaches us how to drive, he really has the potential to become a driving instructor as he really have the patience to teach, everyone of us agree on that lol. Here some photos we take during the dinner :)

Monday, July 09, 2007
4:48 AM
Help, I am being press

Ace, why u point ur finger for?

Having celebration for mei hwa cos is her birthday, mei hwa u old liao lol 24 years old, so when getting married, muz remember to invite me lol haha, anyway really enjoy the last gathering with the DI ppl cos going to ns group the next day liao. Keep in touch ok as will still be meeting u guys lol. :>

4:17 AM
My birthday cake, yummy is in mocha flavour
Me and my birthday cake
My last farewell was at tampinese mall, pizza hut lol. Who are there, ace, zhi de, ken, stephen, ting feng. jeremy square and jun hong. Thank God for you guys. My farewell cake was in mocha flavour, whoa it was so nice. I receive a necklace from ken, it was a very nice necklace, thank God for you ken. Really enjoy the time for u guys, grow in DI man. That's all bah, anyway stephen and jun hong u two very good lol, use the cake and smash my face, somemore stain my shirt, my mum nearly kill me when she saw what happen to my shirt but is ok still love u guys. :)

3:28 AM
I am being kick out of Dianns lol
Kelvin and me
David, me and ken
Look at chen wei's hair, cool man wet look lol.
Dainel, me, Jam and chen wei
James, Jam, Amos, Faith, Hong koon and me
Ex west from youth

Me and stephen
Me and ting Feng
Jam and me
Me and Shawn
James and me

Di guys after swimming
Me and my frenz chee guan
Me and big bunny
Me and ken
Me and Paul

Monday, July 02, 2007
12:09 AM
Act cool photos lol

Mei Hwa act cute again lol
DI leaders

whoa fierce sia
Defend, defend our base

water bomb attack , chiong arh

My group mount everest
Completed sandcastle or should I say mountain lol
My group lol

Look at our luggage lol

Ken trying to act cool haha
Teamwork again
Games time, see this is what I call unity

See Mei Hwa act cute lol
Nice pose Mei Hwa, chinese kung fu
Touching big bunny stomach and trying to intimate gatsby adverstisment lol

Me and 2 of my sheeps
My shepherd ace and me
My leader mei hwa and me
My ex shepherd Jey and me
Lol, Mei Hwa what u doing?
Whoa DI camp is so cool, really enjoy the fellowship with the brothers and sisters. Get to know the transfer and new believers better, normally don't have the chance to talk to them one, in the camp really get to know more about them. Was having my birthday celebration in the camp, it was an mega celebration, love the cakes that James make, it was a nice chocolate cake. Learn something from li yan, our life should be a testimony to others and outreaching should be our lifestyle. Faith and convictions is what we should have to extend God's kingdom. Time really flies, been in DI for almost 2 years, really can't bear the dianns but life has still has to go on. As there is a chinese saying, tian de sia mei you bu san de yan xi, was having mixed feelings now like the time I leave youth. But is ok, I really learn a lot in Dianns during these 2 years, has try things that I never attempt before, my leadership and communications skills has improve a lot. Enjoy the good and bad times with you all, we laugh, we play, and we cry together. It was indeed memorable to be in DI ministry, will pray for u guys, hit a service soon as I can see the potential in everyone of u all. Grow like never before, yeah all the way man Dianns. Last but not least, thank God for u all, u all have been a blessing in my life.

Thursday, June 21, 2007
2:59 PM
Time for blogging again, last thursday went out with the hope KS ppl for dinner at pepper lunch at dhobby x change. Get to know more about them and their ministry. After that mathew and I send them back to shirely hse cos we stay near together so can go home by cab later. At the cab, we talk a lot, really inspired by this bro. He tells me that is not easy to ask ppl to come church on sat in ns cos most of the ppl wants to play, slp or either want to go out with GF. If tell them to come cg on sun and service on sat, it will be over committment for them and i totally agree but I believe is still possible to share christ. He also tell me that can really look at GOd's creation in field camp, the sky full of stars at pulua tekong which I am looking foreward to, it will help me to remind of God's promises to abraham. He also say that there is many temptations in the camp, like scolding vulugarities etc. He give me a scenerio, we are physically tired and we see everyone is slacking, do we slack with them or we will choose to do the right thing. I feel that is very true that we will tempted to slack around and chao keng. There will be time u really like to rest at home then go to church. I really pray that I will be my best in the camp, be salt and light to the ppl around me, ppl pls pray for me. Going off to be man of God soon.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007
7:23 PM
Last sat was having a great time with cg after service. Realise that yi long is a person that is very easy to get along with, have a great time chatting with him, during the CLM, another pastor from overseas was talking about why he stay in this church and it really makes me reflect to the time I receive christ. During these four years in christ, a lot of things happen to me, I have see a lot of ppl come and ppl go, sometimes I wonder why I stay in church for, for ppl or for God but I really see God work wonders in my life, the changes in my life is something that could not happen if not for God.
The blessings, the relationship, the miracles makes me realize that what will happen to me if not for God. I will not be who I am, will juz be any normal person, my life has been very exciting since the day I have convert. I have attempt things that I never tried before, I have grow in faith, love grace, mercy and compassion for ppl. God really impact my lives a lot. I will never ever forget the things that God has done for me. My assurance is in God. Therefore I will not leave God no matter what happens because he is the one and only true God that I believe in. Although there are times, things might the go the way that I want and many times that I want to give up but whenever I think of God's love for me, I decided to preserve on because i know that God's presence is always for me. I am ery clear of what I 'm doing now. I have dreams of many ppl and meet many ppl recently whom some of them are my frenz, classmates, schoolmates, backslider etc. I strongly believe that God wants me to do something in their lives. I wanted to share my faith and my lives to them.
God thank you for creating all these opportunities for me, I believe there is a reason for eveything that I do. Thank you so much, lord Jesus.

Thursday, May 17, 2007
12:58 PM
yesterday was feeling unwell but I still went for the filming at tp helping out for the ess on next sat. Since I already confirmed with ppl already so must go, was having headache and feel a bit weak while travelling to there and so I make a prayer to ask God to heal and when I reach my destination, I was healed, was so amazed at how God work.
I learn something, when u are sick and dun feel like doing God's things, go ahead and do it cos God will heal you and bring u thru it. I realized that we tend to rest a lot when we are sick, but U never know as God will work thru sickness also, maybe God wants to test us, wants us out of the comfort zone and even wants us to have break thru in this area and we will see his blessings upon us. :>

Wednesday, May 16, 2007
3:07 AM
Hi everyone here to blog again, whoa going to army in 2 months time, was so excited and anticipating to get to know more friends and learn new things. Really thank God for giving me this 2 months to disciple his ppl, by right I should get in earlier one month but somehow God give me a silver for nafa test, everything is God's plan. And also my camp is damn near my house, near np and sim, whoa got direct bus from my hse, so cool man. Must really make use of these 2 months well, either I make it or break it. I wanted to leave a legacy behind, I don't want to be regretted. Pray for me, heex.

Has been meeting my friends for these few months, so concidence, God let me see my pri sch, sec sch frenz and also ppl who slide away from God, I believe there is a purpose in everything, God wants me to connect back to them and bring them back amen.

2 days ago learn something from creative ministry, a sharing from a sister, she share what she learn from a book and it really makes sense a lot. When there is conflicts betweem A and B, we shouldn't share to a C person and affect ppl who are not involved. We should share it with our shepherd or leader and talk to God first before sharing it with anyone. Don't poision the third person mind, ppl who are not involved will get affected in 1 way or another as they will think negative of the person. When we share something is true, we are gossipping about the person, and when is false we are slandering the person. Cos the person will lose its credability and reputation. We need to be careful with the words we speak cos our tongue is very hard to be tame. Always seek God before make any decisions.

Yesterdat was having care group at my hse, was wacthing the gospel of john the movie, in my heart I revisit the book of john again, there was this part that keep etched in my mind. The pharisee testing Jesus on healing a person on sabbath day, it really inspired me a lot, cos at that time Jesus get angry because of involving a innocent disabled, he cared about other ppl welfare more than himself even himself is in danger. I really admired his spirit. We humans are carnal by nature so we tend to think of our interests then other interests. We need to put others above ourself, God Others and then we.

Was having mixed feelings when i know that I am going to NS, I believe God wants me to do something in there. Will be updating asap so bye here liao :)

Saturday, April 21, 2007
1:23 AM
Whoa finally update after sometime, sorry guys didn't update for quite sometime.
Really thank God for this bunch of dianns that I hang out with, you guys rock my world, really enjoy the fun and laughter we have during CLM and the birthday celebration that we have yesterday for James and Ace Veron. You guys are really a bunch of people that is crazy for God and for men. Wednesday was having care group at amk ministry hse, my group new believer yi long attend the service also, was enjoying the care group, we was playing 007, then I kana forfeit again, don't know what happen, whenever there is forfeit I will always get it one lol. Mei Hwa and ace attend Jey and my care group, was so fun having those 2 around. At the end of the care group, Mei Hwa pray for Yi Long for blessing unto him as a new believer and also for his admission to laselle and pass his driving test. Miraculously, Yi Long get his confirmation for laselle the next day, he was so happy, I believe his faith and dependency on God will grow and God wants to show him something through this incidence, praise the lord man.
Was having dinner at swensens with the CL at vivo city celebrating James and ace birthday, was having so much fun and laughter, can see that we are truly genuine to one another. James, xiu zhen and I miss the last bus and we have to take cab home, I believe this is God's plan cos we happen to meet uncle peter whose also stay around Bukit Panjang and he also wanted to get a cab home, seems like is on the way so the four of us get a cab together. After chatting with uncle peter, we get to know him as a pastor in a church at ubi area seeing 200 over people, we share our church mission and vision to him and he share it to us also. He said that his church is involved in chiangmai adopting children, setting up orphanage and community center to help the poor and outreach to the people there, doing good to the community, is so cool. He also shared that a brother in his church is being blessed by God, on the verge of bankruptcy, God turn the situation around and he become successful instead and so he decided to bless the church by buying a building for the church and the church can move to a bigger place as the population in the church is increasing, was so bless by his sharing and his testimony. Pastor peter even offer to drive me home in order to save the cost of the cab, and he told me to share to others as he just bought the car three days ago and I was so privileged to sit it. I know that everything is in God's plan and is in God's control, everything happen with a purpose, really praise the lord for planning everything so nicely for me. Was still waiting for the appeal for nyp, havent receive the letter yet, I believe that God has his plan for me, if God wants me to pionner in ite, he will surely let me go in nyp or serving ns at office hours so that can do sowing, shepherding and planning cg. Was so amazed at how God works, God really deserve our best. That's all, will try to update as regularly as I can, God bless :>

Thursday, March 01, 2007
3:37 AM
This week has been a stressful week for me, a lot of projects and assignments to hand up but is ok cos I have God with me. Have apply for RP and NP, hope to get in, ppl pls pray for me if u see these. I believe God will make a way for me. Really thank God for Zhi de, my sheep, he is a new believer who is very hunger for the word of God, was so amazed and inspired by him. Can see his desire for God, U can do great things for God one zhi de. He share to me how God vision him, how God heal him. Shared with u all 1 of the incident, he was having sun burnt after tennis game with his thai frenz, then his thai frenz ask him to ask for rain if the God he say is really true, after a while it indeed rain. Although the thai frenz has no response, but I believe there is a seed in his heart, and it will sure bloom into a tree one day. Really thank God for a sheep like him. Going to do my project liao. Buiaz :)

1:44 AM
Whoa, blogging on the first of March!!! Hmm!!! Time really flies, really wanted to blog more oftently cos there is so much to tell but always never blog down, orh God let me be more discipline. Finally in creative arts ministry, first time attending wamp nite so cool man. Is so fun sharing our vision, my vision for God is to be a director in singapore to film a movie. Is possible, nothing is impossible for God. God will bless to those who wait, is my passion to act for God, I also will like to try on dance and script writing and I like music. All these things can be learn from the creative arts ministry, so cool. Waited for 2 years b4 I get into drama ministry for God in youth, after that I was being transfered, whoa so sad, cos I really wanted to be in drama ministry. I was quite disappointed and was asking God reasons but I repented and believe God has his plans for me and indeed is true, I was in the ministry 1 year later, good things come to those who wait.

Monday, February 05, 2007
3:37 AM
Entering this new year with 2 new converts zhi de and kenneth, both have them has been holy spirit baptized and really can see their desire for God. Thank God for blessing this 2 brothers in my cg. A lot of things happen in January, God speak to me thru passion of Christ movie and last week worship, God reminds me the day I know him. Knowing God for the past 4 years, there has been a lot of ups and downs, fun and laughter, joy and sadness. God wants to me that no matter what happens, he is in control. Really thank God for his assurance in my life. God speak to me about his son Jesus dying on the cross for us because he loves us. Love is the greatest commandment of all, love your enemies as yourself, love is the key to salvation, without love I cannot serve God fully. God I pray to be more loving towards my families, friends, peers around me.
Last sat was having CLM with Pastor David Chen, a powerful man of God, I am so amazed and inspired by his testimony. God will really use you greatly if U allows him to do that. I learn 3 principles. God is with u all the times, he will never leave or forsake you. As long as u are willing to give your heart to God, God will use you greatly and if you give your 100 percent to God, God will give his 100 percent back to you, it takes 2 hands to clap. I also learn that faith is simple and natural, we are practicing faith everyday even we don't know,eg. taking lift( have faith that the lift will drop), eating food(have faith that I will not get food poisoning). All these things are very simple but it has a profound meaning. Really thank God for all these learnings. Thank God for his guidance upon me. Going to sleep soon, God bless :).

3:25 AM
Entering a new year indeed going to be an anticipating year for me. Last year has been fruitful and purposeful for me. Experience a lot of first hand things, learn to be more dependent on God, relevant to others and be more faithful in doing God's work. Was reading a book on spiritual authority by watchman nee, is really a good book, learn that everything has an authority and we need to obey it. Obedience is the key to God's blessings, God has been speaking to me about this thing and i agree wholeheartedly. Rebellion again law is equivalent to rebellion against God, God takes authority very seriously, there is no thing higher than God's authority. We need to be careful in the world as if we are not under God's authority, we will be entering Satan's authority, lets do a self check on ourself, are we obeying to God's calling?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006
3:55 AM
Today was a cool day for me, supposedly was going to fish farm but due to lack of time, we cannot come back from there if we go cos the feeder bus close at 5pm, somemore the place very ulu 1 lol, never mind after that we went shopping with one of Jun Hong contacts snf then we went prayer meet. So exciting for the rest of the days, is going to be christmas soon can't wait for it, there is going to be a lot of happening coming up, main focus sowing sowing and sowing.

Thursday, December 07, 2006
2:07 AM
Update,update and update again. Finally updating after some time, yeah yeah, lol. Today was a great day for me, went for dry run rehearsal at fort canning park, so cool the park, but at night quite spooky and scary lol. But is ok, God is with me. The whole event is so cool, mystery, games, food, prizes and lots of fun and excitement. Have no contacts yet, but I believe God will surely bless 1. Get to know more of tertiary people, dun really know them, get to talk and fellowship with them, they are really a bunch of funny bros and sisters. After everything, went home about 11pm, sitting on the bus with Alvin, windez and brian, has a lot of fun and laughter with them, Brian and windez keep on suaning alvin until he has nothing to say lol, laugh until stomach so painful. After that Windez, alvin and me went to BB macdonalds to have our late supper, then they were talking about their family lives and I just listen to them, I realized 1 thing, I observed the way they talk really inspired by their lives. Their lives a lot of happenings but can see from the way they speak, very feverent about God, they have dreams for God, They are really godly people. Learn a lot from 2 of you. Thank God for u 2. Think that's all bah, will update more frequently in the future. God bless:)

Saturday, September 16, 2006
2:06 AM
Holidays finally come liao, there is going to be revival in central group, it will not be the same anymore, there going to be more and more happenings, new bie retain, new ppl coming in and breakthru. Really thank God for my studies, these few weeks were rushing for project and exams, I learnt to depend on God a lot cos I know my ability is limited but God's ability is infinite cos our GOd is a awesome God. I going to replan for my group, it will not be the same anymore, GOd I need your help, I wanted my group and I to grow, dun pass me by but visit us.
Tml is gonna be a great day for hope ppl, cos we're having our anniversary, whoa so exciting, so far 6 visitors from central, God not enough, expecting more to come. Centralites I need you all to be with me, lets expect great things from God during these holidays cos we're going to change change and change. Yeah!!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006
3:15 AM
Finally updating my post after sometimes liao, more than three months liao lol
A lot, a lot of things I want to say, experience God a lot and have a lot of breakthrus in my life.
Really want to thank God for what he has done in my life. I want to thank my shepherds and leaders who teaches me a lot during these few years.

Andrea(Xiao Ling)- You're my first shepherd, you're a strong women of God, although I was under you for only 4 months, really grow a lot under you. You're the one who grow me as a new believer, u always give thanks to God in all circumstances, I witness your marriage, is really a blessing to share this Joy with you. You're always bring joy and smile whenever u go, really inspired by your life serving with whatever you have. THank God for you.

Abigail(Wei Yuan)- You're a very faithful shepherd to me. Every week u will shepherd me without fail, there are times when I think why you always wanted to shepherd me, now I know cos U want me to be the man of God that I was created to be. Learn a lot under you, i was under your leadership for one and the half year, been thru with you a lot, group grow and fall, u always depend on God, u're a very willing and caring shepherd. Thank GOd for you.

Asher(Dewen)- You're my first guy and longest shepherd, under you for 2 years. You teach to be a real man of God, this sentence I will always remember( Male By Birth, Men By Choice) Is really true,, we cannot chose to be man or woman to be born by we can chose to be man of God that God wants us to be. ALways go your hse for overnight, u speaks me thru my heart. You're a very funny shepherd, but you're very serious and powerful when come to the teaching the word of God. Learn from you how to relate to others, really learn a lot from you, thank God for you.

Jonathan(wei siong)- You are my first shepherd when I come to DI, can sense your care and concern to me during the gender's camp. You're really a guy that can reasily relate to. Everytime see you so happy and funny for God. You are really good at playing guitar, serve God woth your guitar skills. Thank GOd for you.

Jey(Emmanuel)- You are my shepherd for about 5 months. Really learn a lot from you, you're a very giving and scarifical shepherd, you care a lot for your people. I really inspired by it, grow a lot under you, enjoy th e fun and laughter with you, lets really do more for God.

James(zhong huan)- You're my ex-sheep and now you're my shepherd, whoa really inspired by you. You grow a lot in DI, you shown me how you can bwe change by God which make me wants to follow and learn from you. Is really God's plan that I'm under you cos really learn a lot, a lot from you. You correct me which makes me closer with God, thank God for you for everything.

Really love you guys a lot, if not for everyone of you, I will not be where I am today. You guys make me to be closer with God, although there are times when you all correct me, but I grow and overcome in it. Enjoy the times of ups and downs with you all. Will always remember you all till the day I die cos you're the one who touch my life before. Lets see each other till the end of the race with God, stay cool people always, keep in touch guys.:)

God gives me a vision recently, keep on dreaming of back sliders and church people. God is telling me to go back to these ppl, touch down on them and bring them back to God, I admit that I don't touch down on these ppl anymore and that's why God is asking me to get back to them. Experience a lot during these 2 months plus, went to camp, praise and worship night, water baptism and I know GOd is working in my group. God I pray for a bigger vision, mould me, use me, I not going to be the same anymore but going to be relevant to the world. Expecting great harvest.

Really want to take this chance to affirm Jun Hong, he has 4 converts in 3 days, really amazed by how he do things, he got a great passion for God and for people, Jun Hong, let me catch your spirit, I want it, God sees our heart for people that's why God use simple people. Also learn a lot from this sheep of mine.

Has been taking care of this group for almost 3 months liao, time really flies, has been stagnant for quite some time until recently conversion of people, God I know you are working in the group, as long as we desire, God will give. Still remember the time, james correct me about putting music above God, I used to be dependent on music a lot, I will get over into music at times, I repent and fast on music, whoa God really works, the next day, there is conversion in central. As long as we give everything unto God, GOd will bless. Expecting more of God's blessing.

Sunday, May 21, 2006
11:12 PM
Advertisment of healthy teeth, haha ;)
1234 Hi 5, ex pioneers of high school.
Me and my ex -shepherd abigail wong
Me and Jeremiah
Ex- westlanders from high school( shelby, Me and Jane)
Bride Groom david and bride andrea, a perfect couple make in heaven.
Coming in of the bride with her dad

Yesterday was my first shepherd wedding, Andrea. Time really flies, 3 and the half uears have pass by since I was his sheep. Really learn a lot from andrea, she was the one who retain me and teaches me a lot of things. Although was only 4 months but learn a lot from her, she's a great women of God. As I learn from other brothers and sisters that people under her really grow a lot because of her passion in wanting to do more for God. Really thank U a lot, andrea. Best wishes in your wedding and God bless you.
The wedding was really a traditional wedding and there are some funny procedures but is really a great wedding. First time attend church wedding, really enjoy myself. Really like the main verse of the wedding, we love because he first loves us. God loves bound us in love together. Hey people, lets really love one another more because God first loves us.

i'll worship You.
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